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‘Lifesaver’ Water Rescue Drone Unveiled 13/10/2021

Drone company TEKEVER wants to use its unmanned aircraft and artificial intelligence technology to save lives in water emergencies by dropping life rafts to those in distress.

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Tekever launches Tekever Atlas for UAV real-time and historical processing data

TEKEVER is demonstrating during DSEI (London, 14-17, 2021) its new TEKEVER ATLAS, a tool to enhance Unmanned Aerial Systems missions. It provides advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics onboard for real-time and historical processing of data. Designed for key decision-makers, TEKEVER ATLAS delivers intelligence onboard, as well as ground-based tools, and assures that the right person gets the right information at the right time.

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DSEI 2021 : Tekever’s UAS Used To Survey The British Channel

The Home Office of the United Kingdom uses TEKEVER’s UAS-as-a-Service as the key asset to survey the British Channel and help prevent Illegal Migration and Illegal Fishing activities, the company said at DSEI 2021.

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TEKEVER delivers AR3 UAS to Nigeria for Deep Blue Project 21/04/2021

Tekever delivered several of its AR3 observation drone to the Nigerian Navy in 2020. The company is extending its services in other parts of the world, operating in more than forty countries.

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TEKEVER, together with partner CLS Group, is supporting the Navy (Marine Nationale) and customs (Douanes) by using the TEKEVER AR5 to assist in maritime surveillance and monitoring operations in French waters.

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TEKEVER AR5 used to monitor migrants crossing the English Channel 24/09/2020

For the first time in history, drones have been crucial in detaining human traffickers and have been used to prosecute them in court, thanks to the powerful sensors of TEKEVER AR5.

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